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  • Sea of Thieves PC Download

    Developed with a view to PCs and a multiplayer oriented action adventure game set in an open-world world. Players explore the map, look for treasure, fight against opponents on land, travel in sailing ships and take part in sea battles.

    The full version of the game is now available for download and installation using the PC Installer program.

    Sea of Thieves on PC Download

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Sea of Thieves on PC Download

After buying the studio by Microsoft, his star has faded somewhat, and in recent years it has been known mainly thanks to Kinect Sports series created for the giant from Redmond. Sea of Thieves PC Download was announced at E3 2015 and appeared on the market less than two years later, on Xbox One consoles and PCs running Windows 10. In Sea of Thieves players take on the roles of buccaneers and indulge in various pirate activities, swimming seas and oceans, searching for treasure and fighting monsters and other pirates.

The Sea of Thieves PC Download game was set in an open world, after which we can move freely, both on foot and by ship, and the events were shown from the player's eyes. The gameplay is of a sandbox nature and does not pose a specific goal for participants. During the game, we can concentrate on various main and side activities, performing missions for the selected faction. The basis of the game are joint expeditions of players and the management of ships, during which each member of the crew is responsible for other tasks, such as controlling the rudder, developing and collapsing the sails or raising and lowering the anchor. During the exploration, there are also battles between competing teams, where there is a similar division of duties.

SEA OF THIEVES - Gameplay + Pirate Adventures!

As for the MMO game, Sea of Thieves PC Download is intended only for multiplayer games, but in the open world of the game we will sporadically encounter other people. The whole puts a lot of emphasis on fun in co-operative mode, and players join in teams cooperating with each other at various levels, for example, boat steering, treasure hunt or combat, while competing with other similar groups of pirates.

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PC Installer will allow us to download and install the full version of the game at the maximum speed of your internet connection. The program itself downloads and installs the necessary components to run the game, the latest version of the game will be installed automatically. For proper operation of the program, the Net framework 4 or higher is required.

The Sea of Thieves PC Download game, released on the Windows PC platform, is characterized by a refined, fully three-dimensional graphic design, maintained in a highly cartoon style and colored with a large dose of pirate sense of humor. The game is available as part of the Xbox Play Anywhere program, thanks to which by buying it on one of the available platforms, we get a free version on the second platform, and in the Xbox Game Pass subscription. The achievements, progress of the game and all additional content are synchronized between platforms through Xbox Live.

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